A joint demonstration between 5G-IANA and 5GMETA European projects was performed at the 9th IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things (IEEE WFIoT2023) during the ICT-41 PlugFest. Two network applications, that have been developed in the framework of the 5GMETA project, were deployed by using the orchestration capabilities of the 5G-IANA Platform.

5G-IANA is a cutting-edge platform that facilitates the deployment of network applications within a 5G environment. It provides a foundation for creating and running applications that harness the power of 5G networks, enabling developers to build and deploy applications with high performance and low latency.

The demo itself showcased the seamless integration of these two platforms, highlighting their potential for revolutionising the way we handle and utilise vehicle data in a 5G world. Specifically, two network applications were created in 5G-IANA as part of the demonstration. One of these applications was designed to publish data into 5GMETA Platform, while the other was developed to consume data from 5GMETA Platform and present it through a map-based visualizer.

For the demo, it were developed two new components known as handlers: the consumer handler and producer handler. These components simplify the process of building and deploying network applications that can connect with 5GMETA Platform. Moreover, they can serve as invaluable tools for developers who may not be familiar with the APIs of 5GMETA, reducing the barriers to entry and accelerating the development of applications that leverage vehicle data.

In summary, the recent demonstration showcased the powerful synergy between 5GMETA and 5G-IANA, emphasizing their potential to shape the future of 5G and cloud computing.

This represented an important milestone in the project, as the joint demo showed interoperability between two 5G platforms developed in two separate 5G-PPP projects.