5GMETA consortium held the first General Assembly of the year last week between 23 – 24 February in San Sebastian (Spain). The meeting was hosted by the Project Coordinator Vicomtech and the consortium members came together to prepare the final stages of the first reporting period (RP1) ending in June 2022. Each work package took turns to give updates about the project activities carried out in the first sixteen months since the kick-off.

The consortium expects to release the first version of the 5GMETA Platform by June and the first project hackathon is set to take place on 29-30 March in Turin (Italy) in partnership with the international business convention VTM (Vehicle & Transportation Technology Innovation Meetings). The hackathon will also provide feedback to refine the 5GMETA Platform after its release. The dissemination and exploitation activities are being carried out according to plan. “We have finally managed to organize a face-to-face meeting after all these months of restrictions. This meeting and personal interactions have helped the consortium a lot in finalizing the first release of the 5GMETA Platform. We were also ab;e to spend the valuable time needed to decide on the last details for the 5G Hackathon that will be organised at the end of March,” said the Project Coordinator Oihana Otaegui from the consortium partner Vicomtech.