The 5GMETA Platform

The goal of the 5GMETA project is to develop an adaptable digital platform for pipelining vehicle-generated data and data from other road side sensors for established and emerging actors in the automotive sector. The Platform will catalyse data and provide OEMs, SMEs and high-tech start-ups with them in order to feed their innovative services and ideas and, ultimately, generate revenues.

How does the platform work?

5GMETA consortium partners have been working to develop an interactive platform that functions as a broker between data producers (such as vehicles or road sensors) and data consumers (such as app providers). With the 5GMETA Platform, data consumers can subscribe to specific data flows and decide how to use and deploy them: process them, store them or discard them. The 5GMETA Platform allows data to be decoupled from their producers, thus eliminating the necessity of creating direct links between producers and consumers. Nevertheless, the 5GMETA Platform does not only act as a broker, but it also includes functions that address data management, data monetization and cybersecurity.

5GMETA Platform working structure

A platform to connect multiple key players

The 5GMETA Platform is designed to operate as a common infrastructure for implementing data pipelines for heterogeneous Connected, Cooperative and Automated Mobility (CCAM) applications. The 5GMETA platform will provide secure end-to-end data management services such as data anonymization, encryption, packaging/formatting, computing and sharing mechanisms.

5GMETA Platform’s heterogeneous applications for CCAM

A prototype of the graphic interface of the Platform’s dashboard has been developed. The designed dashboard interacts with the 5GMETA cloud platform, as it relies on the APIs and surfaces to perform actions required by users. In this moment, it presents a number of user-friendly features, such as information about the project, user authentication, a general menu, data flows, subscription to data flows.

The 5GMETA Platform functionalities will be tested in three Use Cases, where each use case provides the platform developers with different sets of test data and, as such, allows the building of a graphic user interface for various platform customers. The three use cases to be tested are:

A platform to create new business opportunities

The development of the 5GMETA Platform will enhance the automotive sector, affecting established companies as well as new entrants, as it will allow access to interoperable car-captured data. A new set of opportunities and business models based on deployable services will be created thanks to the expanded availability of data.

Data flows monetisation represents a possibility for new and traditional market actors to explore new approaches. The 5GMETA project will function as a catalyst to create new models and economic opportunities.

The 5GMETA Platform

Why the 5GMETA Platform?

How does the Platform work?

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