Latest Past Events

5GMETA Final public event

ICOOR Data Centre Via E. Gorrieri, 31, 41122 Modena MO, Italië, Modena

The agenda of the final pubic event is confirmed: thrilling speakers will give the audience their expert vision on 5G technologies application to CCAM. The public will have the chance to learn more about the 5GMETA Platform and how it will be a game changer for the mobility ecosystem! You will not be able to […]

5GMETA – 5G-IANA – 5GASP -VITAL-5G joint webinar


Interoperability of European 5G platforms for Connected and Automated Mobility In this webinar, representatives from the 5GMETA, 5GASP, 5G IANA and VITAL-5G European projects will discuss about the landscape of 5G platforms for Connected and Automated mobility, with a focus on the importance of interoperability. Register here! Draft agenda

5GMETA will be showcased at ICT53 project presentations at WG 5GCAM meetings

In the context of the 5G-PPP, the 5GCAM Working Group plans to publish a white paper on cross border topics from the ICT53 sector with potential updates of the ICT18 projects. As preparatory work, the Working Group is organising a series of webinars that will address all transportation means and solutions, including trial results. The […]