The Second 5GMETA Hackathon – Lisbon, May 22nd and 23rd

5GMETA is delighted to announce that the registrations for its second Hackathon are now open!

Are you an innovator and a developer? Are you eager to test yourself while contributing to shape tomorrow’s mobility?

Then you should not miss this opportunity! Join us at the 5GMETA Second Hackathon on May 22nd and 23rd 2023 in Lisbon, Portugal! The Hackathon will be hosted at the ITS European Congress.

During the Hackathon, you will have the unique chance to be among the very first forerunners to access and use the 5GMETA Platform software components.

The three best teams will be awarded a total prize of €5,000!

Moreover, all teams will have the opportunity to interface with mentors, tutors, investors, and industrial stakeholders.

Forerunning data monetisation – The 5GMETA Platform

The 5GMETA Platform is a flexible telematics platform for pipelining car captured and generated data to traditional and new automotive industry players. It is the first European platform providing the possibility to monetise road and vehicle generated data flows.

You will be able to build working and innovative prototypes and demos. The 5GMETA Platform will be at your disposal to create new solutions that address the biggest challenges of tomorrow’s mobility.

An incredible venue – The ITS European Congress

Hackathon participants will be granted free entrance to the ITS European Congress, a unique occasion to enter into contact with the most influential actors of tomorrow’s mobility. Moreover, you will be able to promote your ideas and boost your activities by engaging with an unrepeatable network of experts.

The 15th ITS European Congress will take place in Lisbon, Portugal, from 22 May to 24 May 2023. The event will be hosted at the Lisbon Congress Centre. Lisbon is part of Europe’s entrepreneurial and innovation ecosystem and enjoys global recognition as a welcoming destination.


You still do not have a team? Not a problem!

Individuals can also take part. We will facilitate networking between participants before and during the event. A team is waiting for you.


For any questions about the Hackathon and registrations, please contact us at


5GMETA project is co-funded by the EU’s H2020 Research and Innovation Programme under the Grant Agreement No 957360

The Second 5GMETA Hackathon – The Challenges

Challenge #1

 Comfort and safety of road users


When on the road, hazards can always be right around the corner. Roadworks, adverse weather conditions, a stationary vehicle, or a car crash… These are just a few examples of the potential risks that road users may run into.

In this scenario, data collected from vehicles, sensors, and road infrastructures can be leveraged to conceive innovative solutions that enhance the safety and comfort of road users (pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers) and improve their travelling experience. Such data can also be used to detect misbehaviors and all possible circumstances where something is amiss, such as the violation of traffic rules or the driver having health problems.

Challenge #2

Roads and mobility of the future


Managing road infrastructures and vehicle mobility are among the major challenges of public authorities and private companies operating in the transportation industry. Imagine what could be achieved when vehicles are able to share and exchange information about trajectories, dynamics, current and planned maneuvers, perceived objects and events in an enhanced and well-structured manner. Merging this data with information coming from roadside sensors would facilitate public authorities’ and transportation industry’s efforts

In this scenario, you can conceive solutions that exploit backend data at city or region level to offer innovative services to road operators, local authorities, fleet managers, insurance companies or other stakeholders.

Challenge #3

User-centric services


We are more and more used to getting what we need right when we need it, often even without having to ask. What if this convenience was available to drivers and other road users while they are travelling?

In this scenario, data about users’ preferences and behaviors, merged together with position data, along with vehicle and road status information, can be channeled to provide advanced services to road users. For example, they can be informed about services, shops, or events that are close-by and that can be of interest to them.



Coming soon

Reasons to join

  • Vendors will have the chance to run interoperability test sessions using test descriptions provided in approved guidelines.
  • The events will include debriefing sessions where experts can answer technical questions or solve interoperability issues.
  • Guidance, tutorials and support sessions will be performed to capture feedback to contribute to improving 5GMETA’s work.
  • Train your new ideas and concepts in an established eco-system.
  • Benefit from 5GMETA’s innovative business models.
  • Create usable software or hardware for a functioning prototype by the end of the event.