5GMETA official presentation

5GMETA at Modena Smart Life Conference

Virtual ITS European Congress 2020

This presentation was featured at the ERTICO Virtual ITS European Congress 2020 and offers an overview of 5GMETA.

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The European 5G Annual Journal 2021

In the timeframe of this annual report the last set of 5G PPP projects have started. These projects cover vital areas such as 5G innovations for verticals with third party services (ICT-41), 5G core technologies innovation (ICT-42) and, Smart Connectivity beyond 5G (ICT-52).

5G PPP projects brochure 2021

The 5G PPP Phase 3 provides massive support to this objective, with comprehensive trial and pilot opportunities offered not only to the ICT industry but also to vertical user industries to test
their innovative use cases with large scale 5G infrastructures.

Actions to enhance research, development and deployment of AI applications

The 5G-LOGINNOV and 5GMETA projects have identified a number of roadblocks and gaps during the deployment of their envisioned innovations. Some of those recommendations have been formulated as a call to action and presented in this document.

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The European Union (EU) has signed off 11 new research projects into development of 5G industry and use cases in Europe, with a focus on mobility…

EU Boosts Investment In 5GHardware Innovation And Trialling5G-Based Connected AndAutomated Mobility


5GMETA will create an open platform for monetising vehicle data using 5G technologies. Progress beyond the state-of-the-art is predicted in…

Lancement du projet 5GMETA – Une révolution dans la fourniture de donnéeset services en mobilité autonome

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La data est un atout toujours plus précieux et stratégique dans de nombreux domaines…

Are we facing a mobility revolution or evolution?


One example for successful digital cooperation between the public sector, research institutions and industry is 5GMETA – a project aiming to create a flexible telematics platform…

AKKA busca consolidar su posición a la vanguardia de la tecnología 5G

Big Data Magazine

AKKA participa en los proyectos de movilidad y logística 5G-META y 5G-LOGINNOV, dentro del marco Horizonte 2020 de la Unión Europea, con los que consolida su posición a la vanguardia de…

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In this month’s newsletter, we highlight horizon scanning insights on the urban e-mobility impact on energy consumption and how smart mobility systems and services, and transport electrification can contribute to transport decarbonisation.

ERTICO Newsroom


From 8 to 11 June, European projects 5G-MOBIX, 5G-LOGINNOV (both coordinated by ERTICO) and 5G-META (coordinated by ERTICO Partner Vicomtech) participated in the EuCNC & 6G Summit presenting their activities that advance 5G in the automotive and logistics sectors.

Akka : participation au projet 5GMETA


Akka annonce sa participation au projet 5GMETA, qui ‘permettra d’étendre les fonctions du réseau 5G afin de fournir les données nécessaires à des services innovants et d’aider avec succès le déploiement d’applications de…

A range of ERTICO innovations showcased at the Virtual ITS European Congress

ERTICO Newsroom

Another trending theme was dedicated to 5G and autonomous driving. In this framework, ERTICO showcased the European-funded…

La movilidad autónoma acelera gracias al proyecto europeo 5G META


Coordinado por Vicomtech, impulsa las tecnologías 5G y trata de canalizar los datos generados y capturados por sensores de automóviles para generar…

La movilidad autónoma acelera gracias al proyecto europeo 5G META

Automobilek lortutako datuei ahalik eta etekinik handiena atera eta mugikortasun autonomorako produktu eta zerbitzu berritzaileak sustatu ahal izateko helburuarekin, abian da 5G META…


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Road to Lisbon_5GMETA Second Hackathon webinars