Create a platform to ingest and deliver car data

5GMETA will develop and integrate a set of 5G network functions by applying service slicing for data delivery based on IoT architectures and technologies. This will capture, process and deliver in a distributed and configurable manner the data coming from vehicles that are publishing driving dynamics and position, road environment, driver behavior and passenger services activity from sensors and devices.

Generate innovative CAM services and applications

5GMETA will develop, integrate, train and test a set of exploitable demonstrators implementing innovative CCAM use cases and covering heterogeneous datasets, business models and industry segments to widely represent the expected features, APIs and pricing which would fit into new applications or players beyond 5GMETA consortium.

Generate business opportunities

5GMETA will capture all the service developer’s needs to define a methodology, tutorials, integration and operation samples and guides to allow fast prototyping and exploitation of new business opportunities.

Define new business models

5GMETA will declare new perspectives to support traditional and new players of the wider automotive industry ecosystem to cooperate to monetise car data exploited on innovative CAM services and applications. 5GMETA will catalyse data-based applications for OEM/TIER 1 providing a common bus to accelerate their R&D optimisation processes while granting to SMEs and high-tech start-ups the access to car data, which could feed their innovative services and ideas and generate revenues.

Define 5G edge infrastructure life-cycle

5GMETA will produce recommendations to drive effective implementation of 5G infrastructures adopting CAM business and policy perspectives. 5GMETA will define the foundations for the MEC architectures to serve as cloudlets for data-centric CAM services and applications enabling new business opportunities to MNOs and third-parties in a cost-effective manner.

Use Cases

5GMETA will be tested and validated for 3 heterogeneous and innovative use cases:

Data-driven Product innovation

This use case includes:

  • Product Enhancement: improving or personalising customer experience.
  • Product Augmentation: creating a digital ecosystem around connected car sensors data with an accompanying cloud.
  • Data as a Product: analysing values to retrieve actionable information for advertising, location-based services, recommendation systems and predictions.

Data-driven Process innovation

This use case includes:

  • Enterprise Process Innovation: optimising internal R&D processes from feedback/field operations datasets and alleviating costs.
  • Customer Process Innovation: optimising direct impact on customer experience through timely and personalised communications.

Data-driven Business Model innovation spanning

This use case includes:

  • Value Model Innovation: provide new methods of value generation for the customer.
  • Monetisation Model Innovation: offer innovative ways of value recording for the company.