Want to find out more about the Second 5GMETA Hackathon? Are you curious about what challenges await you?
This is your chance to be among the first forerunners to discover the innovative #5GMETA Platform and its features. A unique occasion!

5GMETA is organising its second webinar in preparation to the project’s Second Hackathon: join us online on 01st March at 15:00 and find out what our experts will bring to Lisbon in May!

In this webinar, the 5GMETA project’s experts will explain how to interface with the 5GMETA Platform, an innovative open platform that will catalyse road and car data, and provide OEMs, SMEs and high-tech start-ups with them in order to feed their innovative services and ideas and, ultimately, generate revenues.

The second webinar will entail some technical aspects of the 5GMETA Platform and will be useful to prepare for the Hackathon.

Follow the link and register: spots are limited!


If you have not registered to the Second Hackathon happening in Lisbon on 22-23 May, you are still in time. Register here