The 5GMETA project is organising its Second Hackathon in Lisbon on 22-23 May during the ITS European Congress.

In preparation to the event, the 5GMETA project consortium is organising its third webinar: this online meeting will provide participants with a description of the data types that will be available on the 5GMETA Platform (during the Second Hackathon), an explanation on how to obtain them and a presentation of the possible ways to process them.

The third webinar will be a good opportunity for developers who will be able to see the utilisation of the Platform in practice, as the main speaker, ICOOR‘s Roberto Cavicchioli, will show how to develop innovative services exploiting the capabilities of the Platform.

Hackathon participants and developers from the general public will be provided with better technical knowledge of the Platform and of the data that is available in “real time streaming” on the Platform. It will help interface with the Platform and have insights on how to compete in the Hackathon.

The third webinar will be held online at 15-15:30 on 19 April.

Follow the link and register: spots are limited!


The 5GMETA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 957360 (Innovation Action).