Use Cases

5GMETA will be tested and validated for 3 heterogeneous and innovative use cases:

Data-driven Product innovation

This use case includes:

  • Product Enhancement: improving or personalising customer experience.
  • Product Augmentation: creating a digital ecosystem around connected car sensors data with an accompanying cloud.
  • Data as a Product: analysing values to retrieve actionable information for advertising, location-based services, recommendation systems and predictions.

Data-driven Process innovation

This use case includes:

  • Enterprise Process Innovation: optimising internal R&D processes from feedback/field operations datasets and alleviating costs.
  • Customer Process Innovation: optimising direct impact on customer experience through timely and personalised communications.

Data-driven Business Model innovation spanning

This use case includes:

  • Value Model Innovation: provide new methods of value generation for the customer.
  • Monetisation Model Innovation: offer innovative ways of value recording for the company.