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5GMETA Hackathon

29 – 30 March 2022 • Turin – Italy

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Be the new automotive player in the 5G ecosystem!

Are you a SME or start-up? Then you too can get involved in 5GMETA! The project
will organise a series of hackathons and events where new business opportunities
can be created for you.

Tell me more!

With connected and automated mobility applications expanding at fast pace, the value of data from vehicles is vital not only for the automotive industry, but also for new players such as SMEs and high-tech start-ups.

That’s why 5GMETA will support and train the teams attending hackathons to involve them in its functional prototypes of services and applications. The 5GMETA platform will be used as a basis to create new solutions, assuring interoperability that could either evolve from the current 5GMETA use cases or be created from scratch.

Reasons to join

  • Vendors will have the chance to run interoperability test sessions using test descriptions provided in approved guidelines.
  • The events will include debriefing sessions where experts can answer
    technical questions or solve interoperability issues.
  • Guiding, tutorials and support sessions will be performed to capture feedback to contribute in improving 5GMETA’s work.
  • Train your new ideas and concepts in an established eco-system.
  • Benefit from 5GMETA’s innovative business models.
  • Create usable software or hardware for a functioning prototype by the end of
    the event.