From September 18 to September 22, the 28th edition of the  ITS World Congress 2022 took place in  Los Angeles,  an event aimed at boosting the collaboration between public and private sector representatives. Attendees from over 60 countries around the world participated in a full agenda of technical sessions and an exhibition.

The 5GMETA project had a significant presence at the Congress. In the exhibition arena, the project had a stand with a large interactive screen where visitors could learn about the project’s activities, 5G data monetisation challenges and needs, and results from a hackathon held earlier this year. Visitors had the opportunity to express interest in 5GMETA surveys and future activities.

ERTICO’s Dr Tamara Djukic, leader of Work Package 7 (Dissemination, Exploitation) also attended a Special Interest Session entitled “The future of ITS data exchanges with Public, Private and Automotive Sector Involvement”, which was judged to be the best session at the Congress. In a discussion about the future business models for data exchange, she highlighted the 5GMETA platform’s approach that will aim to tackle these issues. Representatives from across various sectors shared their needs and identified barriers across different use cases. They agreed on the urgent necessity of developing business models through which the platforms that host data providers’ and data consumers’ needs can develop. They called for future joint and international collaborations on this matter.

Panellists also presented some crucial questions: What information can vehicles provide? What are the benefits of data exchange? Who owns the data? Who pays for data or services? All these key questions were raised and discussed in many other technical sessions, such as “Automated Vehicles and Data Challenges” one.

Dr Djukic believes that 5GMETA’s presence at the ITS World Congress will power up the Consortium partnership by expanding the outreach potential of the project: touching base with other similar projects and initiatives around the world, led by public and private sector, is fundamental for efficient development and implementation of 5GMETA platform.