On 29-30 September, 5GMETA had its first Periodic Review meeting in Turin, Italy, in the presence of Project Officer Dr Jorge Pereira from the European Commission’s DG CONNECT (online presence) and external reviewers Pedro Jose Marron Chicote and Susana Sargento. At the meeting, the Consortium reported on its activities conducted during the first 22 months of the project (1 September 2020 – 30 June 2022). Work Package (WP) leaders provided an update on 5G META’s progress and answered questions from the Project Officer and the reviewers related to the project’s work plan and results.

The reviewers provided feedback and analysis of the progress made. The official report of the EC’s assessment will be provided to the Consortium in the coming weeks and their remarks will be incorporated into the next iteration of the work plan. WP leaders will use the received comments to steer their work in the most effective way

The second half of 5GMETA project involves numerous challenges and obstacles, but the Consortium is ready to tackle them in order to reach and surpass the set KPIs.