The 5Gtechritory Forum – Europe’s leading initiative bringing together industry experts, business leaders, top scientists and policymakers to set the agenda for uncovering the real value of 5G – took place on November 22-25 this year. The hybrid event represented an occasion to reduce the fragmentation of the 5G ecosystem and to establish a common ground among all the players in the field. This edition gathered over 2000 participants over four days and featured several never-before-seen elements, including presentations from leading countries in 5G development sharing their experiences and approaches.

On November 22nd, 5GMETA Project Coordinator Oihana Otaegui from the consortium partner Vicomtech attended the session 5G Intelligent Transport Systems and Services hosted by the consortium partner ERTICO at 5GTechritory. She presented the project and three of its main use cases: R&D Live Training Loop, Network parking, and Driving Safety & Awareness among other things. 

You can download the presentation here.