The 5GMETA interview series, where we speak with our partners to discuss their roles and ambitions regarding the project,  resumes after the summer break!  

On this occasion we reached out to the CEO & fonder of of NeoGLS, Mr Andre Perpey, whose company is situated in Martillac in the high-tech city Bordeaux Montesquieu in Gironde. The site concentrates laboratories and state-of-the-art companies for research and innovation such as EDF SOLAR ENREXOSUNMERCK BIODEVELOPMENT / MILLIPORE and many others.

  • What prompted your organisation to join the 5GMETA consortium?

NeoGLS develops C-ITS solutions using ITS-G5 technology both for software and hardware. Our interest in this project is to learn how 5G but also C-V2X work in the C-ITS domain.

  • How do the objectives of 5GMETA project fit in with the priorities and strategies of your company?

In the future, the C-ITS ecosystem will have to choose between ITS-G5 and C-V2X(5G) for V2X communication. As a specialist of C-ITS we crucially need to gain experience and propose solutions for C-V2X and 5G.

This project perfectly answers these priorities.

  • Tell us about the role of your company in this project.

Our company has the role to develop a use case of the project in order to create a concrete example of use of the 5GMETA platform. We will provide hardware and software solutions in collaboration with several actors of the consortium.

  • Can you give an update about the latest developments?

The development of our OBU and RSU are now completed and fully 5G compatible according to the 5GMETA project requirements. Our vehicle is now equipped with the different sensors needed for the use case we are involved in. The Lazarus application (to be developed for 5GMETA) is in progress and progressing rapidly.

  • What are your company’s next steps in the project? 

We will now test our work as well as the integration and compatibility with the work of the use case partners.

  • What are your plans to build upon these results for future initiatives?

These results allow us to test and confirm or invalidate the utility of 5G applied to C-ITS.