5GMETA is now listed on the ETSI OSM Ecosystem. Open Source MANO (OSM) is an ETSI-hosted project to develop an Open Source NFV Management and Orchestration (MANO) software stack aligned with ETSI NFV.

The 5GMETA open platform aims to leverage car-captured data to stimulate, facilitate and feed with them innovative products and services. Cars capture and generate huge volumes of real-time data about the driving dynamics, the environment and the driver and passengers’ activities. With connected and automated mobility applications expanding at fast pace, the value of data from vehicles is vital not only for the automotive industry, but also for new players such as SMEs and high-tech start-ups.

The list on the ETSI platform gives an insight on all the projects and how they are using OSM within their framework. 5GMETA Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) Platform uses ETSI OSM to identify which datatypes are requested by vehicles, sensors, and devices to automatically deploy Virtual Network Function and virtualized platform Modules. Furthermore, OSM is used to manage the lifecycle of 5GMETA Modules in an intelligent way.

You can find more information about ETSI Open Source MANO here.