The 5GMETA project deals with start-ups and innovative companies and constantly aims to expand its network in order to contribute to providing the automotive ecosystem with the most advanced technology solutions. For the 5GMETA Interview series, we have the pleasure of presenting one of 5GMETA project distinguished partners: LIFTT.

In June 2019, Compagnia di San Paolo and Politecnico di Torino (through the LINKS Foundation) joined forces and launched LIFTT. To date, the company has raised €58.3M and invested in 33 innovative start-ups and SMEs, from a pipeline of approximately 2,000 companies, operating in all market sectors. LIFTT is very active in organising the project’s second Hackathon with the goal of concretising the development of the 5GMETA Platform.

  • What prompted your organisation to join the 5GMETA consortium?

LIFTT is an Operating Holding that aims to promote territory development through technology transfer “from University to Industry”, but also from a simple idea to the development of an innovative product. LIFTT represents a new way of combining innovation with business and finance, a model guided by not-only-profit logics with the aim of creating a bridge between innovative ideas, territory and capital. Joining the 5GMETA consortium allowed LIFTT to pursue its mission and explore the emerging context of the CCAM industry.

  • How do the objectives of the 5GMETA project fit in with the priorities and strategies of your company?

The objectives of the 5GMETA project, particularly those related to the creation of new business opportunities for start-ups and SMEs, perfectly match LIFTT mission and represent a chance to get in touch with emerging stakeholders in the CCAM industry.

  • Tell us about the role of your company in this project.

LIFTT focuses on exploration, identification, and facilitation of a new market ecosystem in the 5GMETA project. The role played by LIFTT has been twofold: on the one hand, LIFTT has been exploring the possible exploitation of the project results – as 5GMETA is part of H2020 projects, it targets the creation of business opportunities and real case scenarios: LEFTT will apply a particularly proactive and business-oriented approach to the execution of the project tasks. On the other hand, LIFTT has investigated how the 5G ecosystem (in particular in the context of IoT/CCAM) can be further exploited to create opportunities for innovative high-tech SMEs access to new markets.

To fulfil its role, LIFTT has grasped the opportunity of organising and contributing to the running of two hackathons, aimed at boosting the 5GMETA project engagement with start-ups and SMEs.

  • Can you give an update about the latest developments?

The first 5GMETA Hackathon was organised and held in Turin (Italy) in March 2022. Despite the pandemic, LIFTT managed to organise an in-person event with good participation rate. The event provided partners and stakeholder with new interesting concepts and ideas to connect technology and business.

  • What are your company’s next steps in the project? 

LIFTT’s next major activity in the project is the Second Hackathon that will take place in Lisbon on 22 – 23 May, hosted at the ITS European Congress. Hackathon participants will have the great opportunity to be among the first to have access to the 5GMETA Platform and to build new and innovative solutions based on the dataflows made available.

  • What are your plans to build upon these results for future initiatives?

The 5GMETA project outcome will be useful for LIFTT to carry on potential dealflow scouting activities among start-ups in the CCAM industry that could represent an investment opportunity. Furthermore, the LIFTT team will leverage the knowledge built and shaped by organising the Hackathons in order to improve the organisation of future events, making them more effective and improve their outcome.

  • Would you like to add anything more? 

As highlighted earlier, the 5GMETA project is organising the project’s Second Hackathon. This represents a great opportunity for innovators and developers. LIFTT and the 5GMETA consortium are honoured to invite those eager to test themselves while contributing to shape tomorrow’s mobility at this great event. The Hackathon will be hosted at the ITS European Congress and will offer free access to the Congress premises for all Hackathon participants.

The three best teams will be awarded a total prize of €5,000. Moreover, all teams will have the opportunity to interface with mentors, tutors, investors, and industrial stakeholders.

It is possible to register for free following this link, where you will find all the information you need.